Recently two separate scams have promised recipients a large cash prize of $50,000, $67,000, or $70,000, employing the name and address of Payment Alliance International, Inc. (PAI), to support their false claims. Known as the “UK & North America Customer Reward Promotion Draw” and the “Customer Windfall Promotion,” these fraudulent letters have no connection with Payment Alliance International. PAI has filed official reports with authorities disavowing these scams.

If you receive either of these offers, do not call the numbers provided or attempt to deposit the check in your bank account; either of these actions may compromise your financial security. Instead, please report the scam to the Internet Crime Complain Center via its website and, if possible, send a copy of the letter to Jason Kuhn at PAI via email at or fax at 502-212-4004. Protect yourself by shredding or in some other secure manner destroying the check and letter.

PAI never asks customers for their account or private information by phone or email.

About the author: Payment Alliance International representative Louis Borrelli provides clients with ATM systems, check-processing services, and other merchant solutions. A resident of Greenwich, Connecticut, he also serves on the Board of Directors for the Tri-State Italian-American Congress.